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South Hampshire - January 2018

Jim Lawrie, our Acting Chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed all there. Apologies were read out from John Burton, Bryon Shaw, Geoff Futcher, Steve Bailey, Brian Bailey, Peter Church, John Mullen, Martin Terry and Steve Cox.

14 birds were benched and ready to be judged later, in the order that they would be used for breeding with.

Jim Lawrie then explained the format for the evening, which was talking about our breeding problems and medications / vitamins in the first session, then looking and talking about the birds that David Rice was going to judge during the first part of the evening.


With lots of discussion on day old chicks dying/ dead in shell /addled, which was the problem Neil Cawley was having, and the various ways to eradicate this we went on to talk about all sorts of problems, as well as feeding methods etc.  Jim Lawrie said he was having a poor start to the breeding season again this year, with others having a great start.  Peter Merritt said he was off on a flyer this year in his new cages and explained what he thought were the reasons for that.


We discussed the various additives we were all using, with a lot of similar products being used by many.

One of the products renamed was “Carr’s AD-Herbs Original for pigeons”.  Sizes come in: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2500ml (Peter was put on to this by Brian Sweeting some time ago).

Ingredients: Helianthus annuus oil, essential oil of origanum (Without menthol).
Directions: Blend 5ml thoroughly into 2kg of feed.

Use everyday to maintain good condition. Use feed within 5 months. Shake well before use.

Also, a product that Peter Merritt uses as well as others is Zooserine, which comes from Portugal.  Peter said that the price has gone up from £6.00 to £11.00 for 40 tablets.  He explained what he uses it for and said he would try and acquire some for the members (10).

(Zooserine is indicated for the treatment of mixed infections of the respiratory tract and digestive tract. Chronic respiratory infections, traqueobronquites, pneumonia, and tuberculosis and mycoplasmosis gastroenteritis caused by salmonella and e. coli, as well as the clamidiose, are among the main indications.)

This then brought up a discussion on all types of diseases and the medicines to treat them.  Below are some of the medicines mentioned that are used by, or required by, the members.

Treatments/ Medicines Mentioned:

  • Terramycin - As directed
  • Ronivet-s - 2Grams to 2 Litres or as Harry says:
  • Triple C - As directed
  • Orego-Stim -100% Natural Supplement in drinking water:
  • Baytril Oral - As directed
  • Harkers 3 in 1 (Trichomoniasis /Canker /Coccidiosis)
  • Mega –S  (Waga Waga in Australia)

After this we asked several members to express their views on the birds and most agreed that the positions that David Rice had placed them in were the correct order.

We then discussed an Aviary visit, with over night stay out, possibly to Harry Hockaday and Alan and Gina Adams and maybe a third visit, which the club would subsidise with the cost of the mini buses.  Most of the members there put up their hands (14) as being interested in going, possibly around May time.  We will investigate and come back to you.

We all had a lovely evening talking about our breeding and problems and how to overcome some of them in this great hobby of ours.  Many thanks to all that brought birds for the meeting.

After the raffle Jim Lawrie thanked everybody.  He then closed the meeting and wished everyone a safe journey home.

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