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South Hampshire March 2019

Jim Lawrie, our Chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed all there. Apologies were read out from John Burton, Bryon Shaw, Bill Farr, Geoff Futcher, Brian Bailey, Kevin Burnett, Tony Cash, Steve Cox and Pam Freemantle.

Before the main business started, Mike Freeborn announced to the Club the death, this day, of Mr Fred Eatwell. A respectful minute’s silence was given in his memory.

With all the birds’ benched (any Blue Series) and ready for discussion later after Les Underwood had judged them, we looked at the birds during the break.

Neil Cawley asked for support from our members for the Dorset BS Spring Convention and Show that will be held on the 19th May this year.   Roger Carr will be acting Chairman, Alan Marchant the speaker and Brian Reese judging the birds. 

The Aviary Trip on May 25th is still on; Mick to give latest details soon on visits?

The AGM 

Peter Merritt / Tony Cash had sent via email to all members the 2018 accounts for members to read at home to see if there were any ‘anomalies’ that they would like to raise tonight .

South Hampshire Minutes of AGM 2018:

These were taken as a true account by members and there were no comments.

The President’s Report

The President, David Rice, started by saying a thank you to everyone connected to the club for the work they did and apologised if he had forgotten anyone.

Outgoing President David Rice welcomed the continuing success of the Club and wished the Club future success.

Installation of New President:

Malcolm and Pam Freemantle were joint President(s) elect and Malcolm was duly handed the Chain of office from David Rice. Photographs were taken and Malcolm said a few words of appreciation for this honour. The meeting also took the opportunity to offer its congratulations to Malcolm having his 87th birthday yesterday.

The Chairman report: the Chairmen considered the Club to be the premier Club in the South, evidenced by its Gold Open Show status held for several years; its success over the last three years by winning the L&SCBS inter -Club competition; its regular high member attendance at monthly meetings, and having an interesting programme of events, including attracting top quality speakers throughout the year. (This was due to the good offices of the General Secretary, Tony Cash.) The Club had also been innovative in offering a Reward Scheme to encourage exhibitor participation at its annual Open Shows. 

General Secretary’s Report:

With Tony Cash's unavoidable absence due to health reasons, no formal report was made. However, the Chairman was confident that he too would share the sentiments already expressed about the growing success of the Club.

Treasurer’s Report and Membership

Treasurer' Report and Membership updates - Peter Merritt took the meeting through the accounts highlighting the main features. In particular that the Club had made a profit of £343.92 at the 2018 Open Show. This was significant as most Clubs operated at loss. The main reasons for our success was the eagerness of the Club members supporting the Club through sponsorship and donated birds to raise funds by auction. He explained that the Club’s finances were in a very healthy state, holding a bank balance of in excess of £4,000. We also had a membership of over 40. The Club expressed its appreciation of Peter's stewardship of the finances.

Additionally, Bill Butler from London was welcomed as a new (and paid up) member of the Club. 

Election of Officers - as the new President, Malcolm Freemantle took the Chair for the election of the Chairman. Jim Lawrie was prepared to serve in this capacity for this next year, and there being no other nominees, was re-elected as Chairman. He then resumed the Chair for the election of other officers' positions.

Election of Officers:

The Chair explained that Tony Cash had previously circulated to the membership the names and positions that individuals were prepared to stand for again. There being no further nominations from the floor it was proposed by David Rice and seconded by Ray Nicholls that these appointments should be confirmed. The list of positions filled is attached It was also raised from the floor that there should be an appointment of a Vice Chair. Mike Freeborn agreed to stand for this position. This was proposed by David Rice and seconded by Andrew McKendrick.

Open Show - much had been previously mentioned, and Peter confirmed that we would be in the same school hall as last year.

Vice President - having spoken privately beforehand to Malcolm Freemantle, the Chairman explained that conventionally the appointment of President was for a three year period of office. However, on this occasion it seemed prudent for the President Elect to be selected now rather than next year, just in case Malcolm was at any time unavailable to carry out his Presidential duties.  The Chairman invited Andy Thorpe to accept this position, which he did, and this was then formally proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Peter Merritt.

AOB - the chairman explained that the Committee had initially decided to withdraw the financial reward scheme but that on reflection wished to re-instate the scheme, due to the changed circumstances of abolishing the Beginner Section and that the Club had sufficient funds to pay for the scheme, that the Club should be invited to express its own view. After lengthy discussion the proposal to continue with a Reward Scheme was agreed by a majority

An even more lively discussion ensued over the merits of Special awards of £30 for Best Novice Young bird and Any Age. The general mood of the meeting was that by abolishing the Beginners Section, hitherto beginners would face increased competition with established Novices, and that the reward on offer would not prove to be a sufficient incentive for increased entries at the Open Show. There was a general preference for more tangible and enduring rewards to be offered to the Novice section. It was proposed that Rosettes down to the first 10 for each of the Any Age and Young Bird classes should be awarded. This proposal was carried by a majority vote.

Andy Thorpe proceeded to raise a valid point about patronage awards. For several years the South Hants BS open show schedule has referred to patronage rewards beings given to the clubs' own members successfully exhibiting at the show. However, no such awards have been made in recent years.  It was agreed that this anomaly should be rectified for the 2019 Open Show. Peter Merritt agreed to look into the rewards that could cost effectively be made.

The AGM closed at 9:10 pm.

During the refreshment break, Les Underwood judged birds brought that evening. He then explained why he had positioned the birds the way he had and that he had judged them on the basis of birds he would use under show conditions.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9:50pm and thanked those present for their attendance and wished them a safe journey home.

South Hampshire February 2019

Meeting Cancelled due to Snow

South Hampshire January 2019

Jim Lawrie, our Chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed all there. Apologies were read out from John Burton, Andy Thorpe, Steve Cox, Wally Sheppard, Chris Mathews and Andrew McKendrick.

The birds were benched and ready for Les Underwood to place in an order that he would like to take home to help improve his stud! 

Jim then explained the format for the evening, which was talking about our breeding problems and medications in the first session, then looking and talking about the birds that Les Underwood was going to judge as birds he would take home, during the first part of the evening.

With lots of discussion on day old chicks dying (Red & White chicks) and various ways to eradicate this, we went on to talk about all sorts of problems such as brittle bones and egg bound hens, as well as  different feeding methods etc.  Most members had some problems in the birdroom, although Peter Merritt said he was doing well without too many problems, which brought up all types of diseases from other members and medicines to treat them.  Below are some of the medicines mentioned that our members use!

Treatments/ Medicines used by Members:

  • Terramycin - As directed
  • Ronivet-s - 2Grams to 2 Litres
  • Triple C - As directed
  • Orego-Stim -100% Natural Supplement
  • Baytril Oral - As directed
  • Harkers 3 in 1 (Trichomoniasis /Canker /Coccidiosis)
  • Mega –S  (Waga Waga in Australia)
  • Dac – Combi Powder   (Trichomoniasis /Canker /Coccidiosis)
  • Tricho Plus
  • Avian Insect Liquidator (Ail)

Neil Cawley stood up and said that the Dorset BS Spring Convention and Show will be held on the 19th May this year and asked for support from our members. 

In part 2 Les Underwood gave us detailed reasons for choosing the birds in the order he had placed them in.

After this we asked several members to express their views on the birds and most agreed with the positions that Les Underwood had placed them in, as birds to take home and why.

We all had a lovely evening talking about this great hobby of ours and many thanks to all that brought birds for the meeting!

After the raffle Jim Lawrie thanked every body.  He then closed the meeting and wished everyone a safe journey home.

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