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      Collie Association Roll of Honour
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August 2021 September 2021 October 2021 November 2021 December 2021  

South Hants BS – December 2021

South Hants BS – November 2021

South Hants BS – October 2021

South Hants BS – September 2021

South Hants BS – August 2021

The first meeting of South Hants BS since March 2020 took place on 6th August 2021 and following the Government’s easing of Covid 19 lockdown restrictions.

A total of 19 members, including new member Mike McGee, were welcomed by Chairman Jim Lawrie. The evening consisted of discussions on how members had fared during lockdown and covered subjects such as fledgling’s disease, French moult, red mite, the show season, and a host of other subjects.

Wearing of face masks while moving around the room and social distancing was maintained.

Volunteers for forthcoming raffle prizes

September – Mick Freeborn
October – Andrew Pitcher
November – Neil Cawley
December – None required.

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