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Meetings held on the first Friday of the Month at:

Three Score Club, Library Road, Totton, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 3RS


5th Jan  Breeding Problems (Colour competition: Any Bird not breeding!)

 2 Feb  Tony Cash Interviewing Andy Thorpe on One to One (Any Cinnamon series Bird)

 2 March    AGM, General Chat after (Colour competition: Any Blue Series Bird)

 6 April     Bob Allen (Talk)   (Colour competition: Any Green Series Bird)

  4 MayYOUNG STOCK SHOW” and nest feather show (Judge: Paul Tiller)

 1 June Bob Allen  (Colour competition: Any Cock Bird)

      6 July  Ron Pearce  (Colour: Any Birds)

 3 August Pre Open Show details and Preparation for a Show (Colour: Any Unshowable Birds)

 12 August   Open Show (Romsey)

 14 Sept   Phil Reaney    (Colour: Any Birds)

 5 Oct Members Show (Judge: Jeff Attwood)

 2 Nov Judging Competition Fun Evening – Any Cock or Hen

  7 Dec Christmas Draw including Social Evening (At wellow golf club)          


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